English Version: Google Ads Data Hub (ADH) – Privacy first, Data-driven Advertising on steroids

The most granular campaign data combined with Google data and interlaced with your own first-party data can be analyzed and activated with the Google Ads Data Hub in compliance with data protection regulations. This enables insights into customer journeys, segment insights and activation for the highest quality targeting.

What are the features of Google’s ADH?

In brief, the key features and outlook – why this topic should definitely arouse your interest:
  • Raw data from ad systems: Views, video interactions, search, …
  • Linking with own 1st party data – DSGVO compliant
  • Linking with Google’s user data (demographics, affinities, intent, …)
  • Insights for analysis and audience modeling for targeting
  • Use of machine learning for customer journey analysis, prediction, segmentation, …
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The Google Cloud Platform in marketing

The perfect complement to the Google Marketing Platform

Google Cloud Platform und Google Marketing Platform
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The Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is the perfect complement to the Google Marketing Platform (GMP). While the GMP helps to plan, buy, measure and optimize digital media and the customer experience, the GCP brings data from all touchpoints, e.g. CRM, email, sales, ads and website, together in one place! And this helps us tremendously in understanding the entire customer journey, predicting marketing results and personalizing ads across all touchpoints. 

The complement of GMP and GCP

In the Google Marketing Platform… In the Google Cloud Platform…
… data is shared with Google Adtech (Analytics, Adwords, YouTube, AdX, …) after obtaining consent. … Google only provides the infrastructure, which can be used without having access to the data itself.
… Google requires data ALWAYS to be free of PII (personally identifiable information) (otherwise Google deletes all data in the affected period). … extensive methods for analysis and data processing are available – incl. built-in machine learning algorithm.
… the server location is not selectable. … the server location is optionally in the EU, standard contractual clauses (SCCs) are available, everything is encrypted.

The Ads Data Hub

The Ads Data Hub (ADH), as part of GCP, enables custom analytics that align with business goals while protecting user privacy and adhering to Google’s high standards for data security. By combining your own data with event data from Google ad campaigns, you gain valuable insights that can help you improve advertising efficiency, achieve data-driven business goals, achieve more effective campaign optimization, and more.

Analytics and Insights

The results of queries performed with Ads Data Hub are written to BigQuery datasets in your own cloud project. This data can then be combined with Google’s data to evaluate ad effectiveness, for example.

Audiences for targeting

In addition to analytics, complex segments can be created, which in turn can be enabled for targeting and bidding in GMP for display, video and search. For example, users who have seen the video ad in its entirety, have never come via Search, are older than 45, and last ordered > 180 days ago, can be selected. Advanced frequency analyses are also possible and can be used for the first time for efficient FC control.

Machine Learning included

Machine Learning methods for prediction, clustering and attribution modeling are already integrated directly in the BigQuery-based ADH.

What can I do with the Ads Data Hub?

Google ADH
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Privacy and data protection in the Data Clean Room

The Ads Data Hub ensures end-user privacy by performing privacy checks and aggregating Google data before it leaves Google’s own cloud project. It also ensures that there is no transfer of data from Google to advertisers and vice versa – the join only takes place within the analytics ecosystem, and comprehensive checks protect privacy. This concept is called “Data Clean Room” and is being pushed more and more in times of the DSGVO.

One use case that illustrates the great possibilities that the Ads Data Hub offers us is the ad collisions optimization in programmatic advertising. Ad collisions (multiple banner ads on the same website) are a major challenge in digital advertising, as they lead to inefficient distribution of the media budget and possible performance losses. Read our success story to find out how we can solve this problem for our customers. 

e-dialog is Google Marketing Platform Reseller as well as Google Cloud Platform Reseller and with its specialists for Programmatic Advertising, Digital Analytics and its Cloud & Data Science Team a competent partner for the implementation and the use of Googles ADH.

e-dialog ist GCP und GMP Partner

Of course, our data science experts will be happy to answer any questions you may have about the Google Cloud Platform and Ads Data Hub: kontakt@e-dialog.at

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